Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alaska '08 day 6, ND to MT

Tue June 17, 2008

Left ND 6/16 and drove all day across Montana 2 to get to Shelby last night. Two lanes of flat straight road. This morning we finally saw the mountains!

A ranger in ND told us that Glacier's Logan Pass was closed/snowed in. There is more to see on the west side of the park and if we can't drive the Going to the Sun road to the west side I guess we'll stay on the west side (West Glacier) rather than the east side (St Marys or East Glacier).

We did some hiking and walked through Lake McDonald Lodge. Someone here said Logan Pass has a drift 80 feet deep and it won't be open by July 4.

- Jon

We went to Glacier NP. We couldn't see all of it because there was 80 feet of snow (at Logan Pass). We went to a goat lick and saw goats really really close!

- Anna


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