Monday, September 9, 2013

Alaska 2013 Epilogue

We took our lessons learned from the last Alaska trip and put them to good use.  Where to find the animals, the tours to take, and stuff to pack.  2008 was one of the coldest and wettest summers and 2013 was one of the warmest and driest.  So the cold weather gear and rain gear wasn't needed after all but I still wouldn't chance it next time.

It's hard to believe we could top 2008 but we did in so many ways.  And if I had to do it again tomorrow I think I could top this one.  There is always more and better out there once you know where and what to look for. Alaska never disappoints!

The kids are getting older and college is around the corner so that will but our extended travels on pause for while.  For the kids the next summer in Alaska they will have to do on their own but we'll be glad to come and visit. 


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