Monday, August 5, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 62, Wrangell to Ketchikan

Friday Aug 2, 2013

Ferry to Ketchikan

Ferry left at 5 AM, we got up at 3 AM, early morning!

Clear sky most of the trip.  We saw 5 humpbacks, 2 Dall's Porpoise from the ferry. We got in to Ketchikan around 11 AM. 30 minutes south the ferry ran into fog/low cloud ceiling.  The clouds cleared by the time we hit Clover Pass.  Sunny, clear and 70 at Clover Pass.

Stayed at Clover Pass again.  It is the only commercial campground/ full hookup campground in Ketchikan.  Best wifi yet.

Totem Bite

After we setup and grabbed some lunch we went down to Totem Bite to see the totems and do some tide pooling at the 4 PM low tide. They are starting to redo or copy some of the older totems at the park. They already have redone 3. Sun was out and there were quite a few people at the park today. 


After the totems we walked the beach/rocks at low tide.  Best tide pooling yet.  We saw over 2 dozen sea stars,  a half dozen sea cucumbers, some tube worms, urchins, lots of hermit crabs, sculpins, and rock crabs.



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