Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alaska '08 Day 30, Denali to Anchorage

Fri July 11, 2008

This morning we set out for Anchorage. Really a pretty drive, all mountains down to Cantwell and Willow Creek. We saw a bald eagle and a golden eagle before Cantwell. There are a couple of salmon streams along here; Montana, Sheep and Willow creek. It didn't look like anything was running now but you can see there are several campgrounds and outfitters and Willow Creek has a walkway on either side of the river so fisherman don't destroy the riverbank. It looks like all these places get really crowed when the salmon are running.

In Wasilla we visited the Iditarod Headquarters. They had a movie, gift shop, husky pups and a sled dog ride. The kids got to hold all the puppies. Mike and Jen bought the kids a dog sled ride. Here the sled was a wagon with ATV tires pulled by 10 dogs. We got some good pictures of the kids, they really had fun here. Even Emmy has now put her stuffed animals into a sled team.

Just after Wasilla you see the mountains of the Kenai. Really a pretty drive into Anchorage. It was overcast and raining (fairly common here) but the clouds where high enough you could see the mountains all around.

250 miles today.

5162 miles so far.

- Jon


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