Friday, June 21, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 5, UT to NV

Thursday June 6, 2013

Today we drove from Green River UT to Baker NV.  Long distances here with nothing in between; I-70 at the San Rafael Swell, 110 mi no services, route 50  Delta UT to Baker NV, 70 mi no services.

We drove by Sevier lake bed in Utah.  From a distance it looked filled with water reflecting the surrounding mountains but when you drive along it you can see it is a mirage, it is a dry lake.

We got into Great Basin National Park mid day.  We grabbed the last campsite in Lower Lehman Campground.  The campground  is at 7000 feet.  A creek runs along it and there are Birch trees
everywhere.  These have to be the southern most birch trees.

We hiked a mile up Poole Canyon.  There is a creek that runs down a narrow canyon.  Lots of Pinyon and Juniper and wild flowers.

After sun down we attended a stargazing ranger talk, Great Basin is in the top 10 spots in the US for clear night skies, no ambient light.  Thousands of stars and you can make out the milky way.

293 miles today

2070 miles so far.

- Jon

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