Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 35, Sterling

Saturday July 6, 2013

We drove Skilak Lake Road first thing this morning looking for moose.  We saw 1 moose at the first lake turn off.

Stopped at Moose is Loose bakery.  Place was jammed, line of people buying stuff.  Really good but really expensive, $4 cookies, $3 donuts and $6 loaves of bread or buns.

I fished Cunningham Park late in the afternoon for reds.  There was only 6 guys fishing.  I fished 2 hours and tried a couple of different retrieves before I got their "flip" down. I had no hits, no fish.  When I left I was the last one fishing.  The reds are not in yet, just starting on the Kenai.

Saw 1 moose just west of Moose River in the meadow before the weigh station.

There were some small duck like birds that made an odd call, something like a dove or a loon, flying overhead this morning.  The campground owner said they are snipe and they feed on mosquitoes.  When I looked up snipe in the bird book I think we saw this bird on Skilak Lake Road at one of the turn offs. (later a ranger in Seward Kenai Fjord verified the call with iPad Audubon Birds app; Wilson's Snipe).

2 adult sandhill cranes and 2 young across the Moose River from the campground.


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