Friday, July 12, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 30, Homer Day 1

Monday July 1, 2013

Homer Day 1

The wind let up but we had rain last night and this morning.

Went in to check-in for the Halibut trip and the kayak trip, some of the halibut boats did not go out today due to wind.

We went on the 4:00 Under the Docks tour.  We saw tube anemones (primose? and christmas), mussels, urchins, sea stars, brittle stars, limpets and chitons. An ex-teacher from Texas was the guide and she had a local high school kid who knew everything about the local invertebrates. Lots of sea stars under the gangways down to the docks at low tide.

At one point this afternoon the wind dropped to nothing and the bay was like glass.

There were a couple sea otters close to the campground beach this afternoon.  Saw some eagles up the spit.

There were 4 openings along the beachfront in Mariner CG tonight. The Fishing Hole CG was about half full this afternoon.


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