Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alaska '08, Day 70, Butte MT to Sundance WY

Wed Aug 20, 2008

Found an espresso-mat in Butte to get some good coffee before setting off this morning (Java Junction).

We rode through mountains and trees from Idaho to around Bozeman.

We stopped at the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument. We didn't have time for this coming home from Yellowstone in 2007 so I wanted to hit it. The visitors' center presented only objective facts; dates, who was there, troup/indian movements, timeline. Nothing about Custer's reputation, mistakes that were made or the Whiteman vs. Indian struggles. I guess they may have removed some of the subjective commentary as opinions changed over time.

We saw antelope and deer from Bozeman to Sundance. Some of the hay fields were being irrigated and you would see groups of antelope in the hay. One hay field had to have 100 antelope and deer.

Stayed in Mountain View Campground in Sundance WY.

528 miles today.

9005 miles so far.

- Jon


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