Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 70, Seattle WA

Saturday Aug 10, 2013

We headed in to town around 11:00. It was clear and sunny again but downtown Seattle was all fogged in until after lunch. We hit Pile Place Market for produce.

We loaded up on fruit; peaches, nectarines, Rainier cherries, also got a cantelope, cucumber, tomato and lettuce for salad. Cheryl got more flowers ($10). 

We got fish tacos, grilled salmon and gyros for lunch at the stalls across the street.  Really crowded today, could barely walk the main market. Rainier cherries must be ending, they were $10/lb.  Found 1 stand that had Rainiers for $5/lb and bought 1.5 lbs which we ate by the time we got home.  The seafood vendors had dungeness crabs $9/lb (not bad compared to $7/lb in Haines), king crab $40/lb., halibut $28/lb., local mussells $6/lb. Caught a good blue grass band performing at the market, the Tallboys.

After the market we went to the Experience Music Project which is Seattle's version of the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame. The kids enjoyed this. There was a room to try your hand at playing instruments.  You could try to play a guitar, keyboard or drums.  Really crowded, kind of pricey ($20/person). They had an exhibit on Nirvana and the Seattle grunge seen that was interesting. There was also an exhibit on women in rock and one on Hendrix in London.

By the time we left at 5:30 it had got really hot downtown.


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