Friday, July 12, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 24, Skagway AK

Tuesday June 25, 2013

Went to the Flying Squirrel Espresso (/Popcorn Emporium) for Raspberry Truffles this morning (espresso).  Going back tomorrow.

Attended a NP ranger walking tour of Skagway, pretty good.  The park system has a few buildings it is rebuilding and several already rebuilt. Also the park system owns some buildings on broadway that it rents to merchants.  The rent is used for maintenance and rebuilding of other buildings.

We walked town.  Emmy really liked one art shop (Sevigny Studios SE/ where the artist was in the shop painting. 

Rode the train at 4:30.  We had some rain come in just before the trip.  It really didn't interfere, downtown was clouded out by rain as we went up the pass but you had good visibility in the pass.  The air temp changed enough that fog was coming off the Skagway river looking like steam.  The river and  streams are all running high. The cruise ships charter their own rail cars.  Walk ups to the White Pass window get their own car, we had 6 people total in our rail car.

Bought a growler at Skagway Brewing (Chilkoot IPA).  Cheryl tried their Spruce Tip Blonde but thought it was too light.


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