Friday, July 18, 2008

Alaska '08 Day 33, Anchorage to Seward

Mon July 14, 2008

We set out for Seward today around 9AM, it's a short drive, ~120 mi. The drive takes you around Turnigan Arm and through a pass over to the south side of the Kenain Penninsula. The Kenai is mostly mountains and the roads and towns are all at the base of the mountains on the ocean or in passes. Today was an overcast day, like everyday we've had in Anchorage. The tops of all the mountains are hidden by clouds but you can see they are covered in snow. The drive around Turnigan Arm rivals any national park. We saw lots of bald eagles along here.

We got into Seward around 3PM, we made lots of stops or pictures. We stayed in the Seward city campground, no services but right on the beach, great views of all the mountains around the town.

After we got setup at the campground we drove up to Exit Glacier. The Glacier is maybe 10 mi out of town. There is a 1.5 mi trail from the parking area up to the glacier. The trail itself is pretty interesting. There is dense growth really low, glacial wearing on the rocks as you climb and at the top great views back at the mountains.

After dinner we had a campfire on the beach and watched for bald eagles. Tonight we had one juvenile bald eagle that came down the the pilings right in front of us.

127 miles today.

5289 miles so far.

- Jon


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