Sunday, July 21, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 46, Valdez Day 3

Wednesday July 17, 2013

Today we drove up to Thompson Pass, Worthington Glacier, and Blueberry Lake.  The sky was clear from the start today. Good visibility from up top of the pass.  There was a lot of water coming off the glacier, big waterfall on the one side. We walked right up to it and tooks some pictures at the mouth of an ice "cave".

The fried halibut was so good in Homer we thawed some more out for dinner.  We have 1 meal left in the freezer.  Cheryl thinks we should buy some more halibut for the freezer/drive home.  Valdez is probably the last place we'll see halibut?

They say to fish pinks on the high tide.  There was a 9PM high tide.  We drove over to Allison Point to fish for pinks at the high tide.  We fished the beach right at the terminal entrance.  We didn't get any hits or see any pinks caught.  Emmy got a little (10") fish that looked like a cod, don't know what it is.  Too many snags at the beach on eel grass and rock weed.

Stopped at the hatchery on the way back.  No bears by the fish hatchery but 3 sea lions, 2 were big bulls


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