Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 13, San Francisco

Friday June 14, 2013

It was sunny when we got up so we decided to drive across the bridge to get some pictures.  Lots of traffic going across the Golden Gate Bridge.


There was a detour from 101 N to Hawk's Hill and we wound up  in Sausalito.  Since the whether was nice, the sky was clear, and the wind behind the mountain we decided to park and walk the main street.    We looked through the stores, watched the street performers and had lunch down on the wall.

Hawk's Hill

Lots of wind up top, cool, maybe 60.  Clear and sunny so we got some good pictures of the bridge.

Fisherman's Wharf/Ghirardelli Square

From Hawk's Hill we wanted to go to Fisherman's Wharf.  They were doing construction at the bridge south side and the 2 right lanes got diverted onto route 1 south.  We jumped off at Pacific and drove up to see Pacific Heights.  After Pacific Heights we drove down to Fisherman's Wharf.  We walked through the shops and galleries, looked at the vendor carts at Hyde and Beach.  We went up to Ghirardelli Square for candy and ice cream.  We went over to see the sea lions at pier 39.  Not too many there today, ~3 dozen.  We got some Boudins sourdough bread at pier 39 and We bought some crab meat, shrimp and calamari from the vendors on Taylor. 

At sunset it must have been 50 degrees, San Fran in June!

- Jon


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