Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 34, Homer to Sterling

Friday July 5, 2013

Before leaving town we went up to the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch's Time Bandit store. The mother to the two boys running the boat was in the store and talked about fishing and Discovery Channel. This time of year the boat is in Bristol Bay as a holder for salmon for the small net tenders.  Next month it moves down to Ketchikan for the same thing.

From Homer we headed back up the Kenai to Soldotna and Sterling.

Saw 1 Moose just outside Soldotna just before we got to the south side of the downtown river bridge.

Stopped at the Wood Carver east of Soldotna.  He has a 2 year backlog of work.  He had a 8' totem pole in the works.  He has been carving wooden moose heads for moose antler mounts, they go for over $2000.  He had a 3 stool high table with large salmon underneath and and eagle overhead, really cool.

Saw 1 Moose on Otter Trail going back to our campground (Moose River Hot Tub).

Moose River Hot Tub is a small lodge that also has 3 campsites.  The place is spotless, nothing out of place.

Drove back into Soldotna and stopped at Sportsman's Wharehouse where I stocked up on fishing gear.  This place is great.  They have all the salmon gear and camping gear you could want.  They had a tub full of rod holders that I had so much trouble finding on the internet.  They had all kinds of rubber boots, chest waders, rain coats.  I also bought a 2L waterproof bag for a camera and wallet. I will use it when fishing up here and on the boat at home.

Stopped at Cunningham Park (behind the Mexican Restaurant, across from the Moose is Loose bakery).  There were maybe 20 guys fishing, saw 2 fish caught.  The reds are not really in yet.

Stopped at Issac Walton park on the Moose River.  The beach was packed with people snagging.  There was enough fish in here that they were hooking them.  I didn't see any legal hooks while I was there for a couple minutes.  Later the campground owner says they snag in the hopes of getting one in the mouth.

We drove Swanson Lake Road which was a moose hot spot according to the internet. We saw 0 moose.  The problem is that brush obscures your view all along this road.  We turned around at mm 13, it goes to mm 17 where it connects with 13 mi Swan Lake Road which has access to the Kenia Wildlife Refuge Canoe Trail.

Saw 2 moose at Ermine and Otter Trail on the way back to the campground.  A cow with a 1 yr old calf.  They spooked as we drove up but came back out after we stopped.  We were only 50 feet away from them.

Stopped at the Fred Meyer in Soldotna, parking lot was full of campers overnighting.  Needed a door mat after Homer and weasel knocker our french press off the counter in Homer so we can't make coffee without power, that is an emergency!

92 miles today

6530 miles so far.


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