Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 44, Valdez Day 1

Monday July 15, 2013

Rafting Keystone Canyon

Ever since the Yosemite float trip Emmy wants to raft and we saw that Valdez offered raft trips. We found a short (1.5hr) trip down Keystone Canyon that kids can do, can't go wrong. They put in just north of the canyon and take out at the end, maybe 7 miles.  They say it is class II and III.  It is pretty bumpy the whole way, no pools only rapids.  There were a few big bumps and some tight turns.  You get wet but they set you up with a dry suit and boots (I was totally overheated after putting all this stuff on). The kids really liked it, Emmy loved it.  Emmy got drenched the first turn.  Relatively safe although the other raft did dump one novice over the side.  There was a little bit of  paddling which the kids picked up on.  They stopped at bridal veil falls and we could walk up into it.  Mosquitoes on the bank were unbearable.  I got video with my waterproof camera but the stills don't looks so good.

We saw trumpeter swans on a nest with 2 little ones on way back from rafting.

I asked at the bait shop about pink salmon regs at Allison point, apparently you can use treble hooks.  Sounds like pinks are just starting.  They are not in at the hatchery or the creek yet but they are in the harbor.

We drove over to the fish hatchery to see if there were any bears about.  Low tide, only 1 seal at the hatchery, no fish here yet. On they way back there was a group pulled over at the flats, I figured they saw either a bear or moose down in the flats.  Turns out it was the grizzly with 4 cubs we saw last night.  We watched them  come across the flats.  They crossed the road and walked the creek on the other side where we have seen black bear.  They walked along the culvert for a mile and we followed taking pictures for several minutes.


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