Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 73, Black Hills SD

Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

We stayed 2 nights in the Black Hills so we could drive the Needles Highway.  The first place we stopped was Sylan Lake, it was closest to our campground. We walked the trail that goes all around the  lake.  Lots of large granite bolders on the far end of the lake and a small dam.  Lots of flood damage below the dam.  We hiked around and climbed the bolders.  On top of one of the bolders the kids spotted 2 mink below us along the lake shore.

We drove the Needles Highway. Lots of dead pines due to spruce beetle. In some places it looks like they have lost the majority of their pines in some spots.

Ended the day at the Custer State Park Wildlife Loop Drive.  Saw a coyote, a big herd of buffalo and antelope.


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