Monday, August 11, 2008

Alaska '08 Day 57, Sitka

Thu Aug 7, 2008

Another sunny day with blue sky!

We started today at the Raptor Center. They don't have a large display or a lot of birds but they have some good displays and information and there is a great rainforest trail along Indian Creek. The pinks were running in the creek and there were lots of wild eagles flying along the creek or perched in the trees.

We went back to Sitka National Historical Park to hike the totem trail. We got on a ranger lead hike and took lots of pictures.

And the kids got Junior Ranger badges, of course.

After the park we stopped at the college Fish Hatchery just down the road. It was free and I could see there was a salmon run there on the way in. The hatchery is run by the college (and the college is now closed). It is a low budget enterprise and they are trying to convert it to a tourist attraction. Right now it is in rough shape but they are going over it piece at a time. They have a pink run going on now and they actually sell some of the pinks to the cannery before they aren't good to eat. In their fish ladder they had pinks, really big pinks, and chum. And they have a small king run a little later.

There must be some money in Sitka because the boats in the harbor all look clean and the houses are either new or clean. Maybe the fishing industry has had some good years or the cruise ships are bringing in lots of cash.

- Jon


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