Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 36, Sterling to Seward

Sunday July 7, 2013

Took the camper and jeep to the wishy wash, cost me $25 to wash both. Everything is dirty from construction zones, jeep looks a sight.

Stopped at Tern Lake at the Anchorage, Homer, Seward "Y" to watch the terns.

Stopped and bought jerky from the jerky guy at Moose Pass. I think this is the same guy we bought from in 2008 along the Glen Highway. The kids like to take jerky when we hike and that is the excuse I need to get some.  Got some spicy elk, honey beef and teriyaki venison.

Nice drive into seward. No one lives along the pass into Seward, all park land with small lakes.

The ride back to Miller's Landing Campground is something else.  The road starts behind the Alaska Sea Life Center.  It is a dirt road that runs along the cliff face just above the high water line.  The road starts at Lowell Falls, which looks to have taken out the bridge rail in the spring.  The road is all potholes, large and deep in some places.  The worst road in Alaska.  We got back to Miller Landing and a camper had followed us.  They did not have reservations and the campground turned them away. The other campgrounds in town are really full. Our site had a great view from the beach.

Miller's landing runs a water taxi, kayaking trips, and full and half day fishing trips.  A 4 hour fishing trip came in and was full up on silver salmon.  The full day came in and was full up on silvers, had a limit of halibut (small) and lots of rockfish.  I am going to try and get out with them tomorrow morning on a 4 hour, I will be back by 10 AM, before the kids are ready to start their day.

We saw a cab in the campground today and at the marina tonight that had gold painted duck decoys, goose  and swan heads on the roof (dodge minivan), captain Jack (Quacker Jack).  He was cruising the marina quacking a duck whistle.  Another Alaska character!

108 miles today.

6638 miles so far.


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