Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alaska '08 Day 61, Ketchikan

Mon Aug 11, 2008

Totem Bite State Park is close to the campground so we ran down there this morning before lunch. It was raining pretty heavy but we still managed to walk it and take pictures.

Emmy and I looked through some tide pools at the state park. The water here is crystal clear and the tide pools are full of little hermit crabs and sculpins.

After lunch we drove to the north end of the road at Settlers cove. There is and interesting short rainforest trail down to the beach. We all looked through some more tide pools. Tide pools, hours of entertainment for kids! The pink salmon were jumping all across the pass out front too.

We drove downtown and walked a little in the rain. The kids wanted to ride the short funicular up to the lodge.

Driving around today I stopped and got a coffee at an espresso-mat. We first saw an espresso-mat in Seattle back in '96 and every town up here, big or small, Canada or Alaska, has at least one. We've been taking it for granted but they are serious up here about their coffee. This has got to be the highest concentration of espresso-mats.

- Jon


At August 14, 2008 at 3:43 PM , Anonymous Mike Baker said...

RE: those expresso-mats

Jen & I have had the same reaction. We can't believe that no matter how remote we have traveled on these road ways, the expresso-mats get business!

Mike & Jen


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