Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 71, Seattle WA to Bozeman MT

Sunday Aug 11, 2013

We got up early and hit the road by 7 AM.  We wanted to get at least to Butte MT.  Made Butte around 6PM so drove on to Bozeman.  The Flying J west of Bozeman (Buffalo?) was pretty packed so we drove on to the Walmart in Bozeman where we stayed at in '96. We got to Bozeman by 11:00 PM.  There must have been 30 campers in the lot plus a couple dozen cars staying overnight.  It gets packed because its right on the way into West Yellowstone.  Took a while to find room but eventually we found space.

726 miles today.

9570 miles so far.


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