Friday, June 21, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 4, CO to UT

Wednesday June 5, 2013

Blue Moose for breakfast, best breakfast ever!  Stopped at Safeway for groceries, day 4 and running low on stores?

Wanted to make Delta UT today but too far. Made it into Fruita CO at 4:00 and decided we weren't going to make Delta so we decided to stop somewhere along the way.  Not too much in the way between Fruita CO and I-15, only Green River UT.  We found a campground in Green River and they mentioned that Goblin Valley State Park was only 45 minutes away.  We have always wanted to go there but it has always been out of the way.  I figured that if we could get into the campground by 6:00 that would leave us time to drive out. Goblin Valley is about 50 miles from Green River across roads where we saw next to no cars.  But at the park there were a dozen cars with groups hiking all over the valley.  We got there about an hour before sunset so got some good pictures.

Lots of stars on the ride home, zero ambient light.

280 miles today.

1777 miles so far.

- Jon

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