Monday, August 26, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 67, Vanderhof BC to Vancouver BC

Wednesday Aug 7, 2013

Clear and sunny again today so we could see the mountain tops south of Hells Gate. There are mountains just south of Prince George all the way down to Vancouver.

Left at 9 AM, got into Vancouver at 10 PM.  Slow going for 90 minutes, from Lilloet to Hope, that is the Thompson and Fraser Canyons. Lots of curves and hills through the canyon.

We have a few extra days on our schedule and we have never been into Vancouver so we decided to stay 2 nights and drive in.  There are only a few campgrounds around Vancouver, urban campgrounds. We stayed at Barnaby Cariboo RV Park.  It is an urban resort park.  Its huge, maybe 300 sights.  All narrow lots with 8 foot high hedge rows, kind of crazy looking.

543 miles today.

8726 miles so far.


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