Friday, June 21, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 7, NV to CA

Day 7 - Saturday June 8, 2013

Today we drove Great Basin NP/Baker NV to Lee Vining CA at the eastern entry to Yosemite NP. The drive started in pinyon and juniper foothills and gradually got hotter and drier on each basin.  Went through Currant NV and a couple of abandoned towns.  We found a dozen places you could hide and never be found. Tonopah is low elevation, mojave desert.  Tonopah is on the northern edge of Nellis AFB.  It has a rocket test range and downtown had a sign that said "home of the stealth fighter".  We started out of the desert at Benton CA and route 120.  Route 120 climbs a couple passes and eventually climbs into a Ponderosa pine forest.  Lots of low pink and purple flowers here that ran like carpet along the road, in places out into a meadow or out under the Ponderoasa pines.  The Lee Vining side of the pass is pumice, like pea gravel.  So there is very little grass, just pines and wild flowers in what looks like grey sand.  On the way down from the Ponderosa pine we could see Mono Lake.  I had thought the lake was down on the desert floor but Lee Vining must be maybe 6000 ft.

365 miles today.

2435 miles so far.

- Jon

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