Friday, August 1, 2008

Alaska '08 Day 48, Valdez

Tue July 29, 2008

The sun was shining this morning and as the day wore on the sky cleared and all the mountain peaks were uncovered!

Saw a bear at the creek on the way up the pass, there has been a bear here everytime we have come by except once.

We drove Keystone canyon and took more pictures of the falls. We took pictures at Thompson Pass, it was clear and sunny. The kids got out and walked on some snow at the summit.

We drove back to Blueberry Lake state park, nice little campground right at the summit. The lake looked to have lots of small trout.

We drove as far as Worthington Glacier. We hike right up to the glacier, close enough to touch it. There are warnings to walk up at your own risk but they don't prevent you from doing it and everyone was.

I took the kids fishing again, same place. The fish there tonight were larger. Both kids got a large male with a hump and beak. Emmy wants to do it rather than watch and she casted and hooked a fish all by herself. Anna practiced doing casts. After the kids were done I threw a couple with my spinning reel and rod. My rod is a little heavy but it worked. I was fighting a salmon and a sea lion surfaced maybe 20' from me. Everyone saw it, they thought it was cool, it scared me and I reeled like crazy to get my hooked fish away so he wouldn't go after it.

Saw a black bear at the creek and a black bear at Solomon Gulch. The bear at the gulch crossed the road right in front of us and ran across the parking lot at the hatchery. People were in the lot and everyone ran over to take pictures.

- Jon


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