Friday, July 12, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 26, Whitehorse YT

Thursday June 27, 2013


Yukon Wildlife Preserve

This morning we drove out to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve by Takhini Hot Springs.  They have moose, elk, wood buffalo, caribou, stone sheep, dall sheep, mountain goats, musk ox, lynx and artic fox.  Got to see everything but the lynx which was hiding. There is a marsh/wetland there that had lots of ducks.  Saw a few ruddies with blue bills.

Whitehorse Pool

Cheryl and the kids wanted to go back to the Whitehorse City Pool.  It is one of the best city pools I have been to.  It is on a hill and overlooks the valley with views of the mountains through the big windows.

Yukon Brewing Company

Stopped at the Yukon Brewing Co. for some beer and a T-Shirt.  Wanted a growler but they were out of growlers and I hadn't brought mine!

SS Klondike

On the way out of town we went by the park with the SS Klondike in it so we stopped and took some pictures.  The sun was out, perfect for taking pictures.


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