Monday, August 26, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 65, Ketchikan Day 3

Monday Aug 5, 2013

Last day in Ketchikan, last day in Alaska.

Today we did the Aleutian Ballad tour boat. We went on this in 2008 and it is really interesting.  The Aleutian Ballad is a Bering Sea crab boat from season 1 of Deadliest Catch.  They converted it into a tour boat and take people out and show them the various ways they commercially fish in Alaska.  They pull a long line, shrimp pots and crab pots.  Everything they bring in the hand around to everyone.  40 people on the afternoon boat today, had free run of the place.

After supper we drove out the other end of the road to Settlers Cove Park.  A couple miles down from Clover Pass. Lots of rocks and sculpins but very few sea stars.

Tonight we catch the  3AM ferry to Prince Rupert BC.


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