Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alaska 2013, Day 41, Palmer to Copper Center

Friday July 12, 2013

We saw a young moose just outside the Palmer Mountain View Campground on the way out this morning.

It was clear and sunny today, the haze we saw on the trip west on the Glenn Highway was gone. Good view of Matanuska glacier and the mountains.

Lots of fireweed lining the road beyond Sheep Mountain.

Beyond Sheep Mountain you start getting views of the Wrangells. Everytime I have been here the Wrangells have not been visible, today they were mostly cloud free, quite a view.

There is a red run on the Klutina, just about at peak.  It is Friday so people are coming out of the cities (Valdez) to fish.  I didn't anticipate this so didn't make any campground reservation, King for a Day was full.  There is another campground at the end of the dirt road King for a Day is on, on the Copper Center loop road bridge.  And there is another campground on the otherside of the Klutina, other side of the Klutina bridge.  I parked on the loop road and walked into the Grove Marina Campground to see if there was space.  They  had room for 2 or 3 more campers without utilities, so I took one.


I tried some sockeye fishing along the bank.  Took a while to get the "flip" down but I picked up a nice sockeye.

Doesn't sound like they are getting any kings but The River Wrangellers are going tomorrow.

160 miles today.

6975 miles so far.


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