Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alaska '08 day 15, Whitehorse YT

Thu June 26, 2008

Stopped at Mukluk Annie's Salmonbake on the way to Whitehorse. We all had salmon, pretty good, I think it is red salmon.

Talked to a guy from ND who was travelling alone and drove up to Prudhoe Bay just to see it. He had some interesting stories about the drive and all the wildlife he saw. Talked to another guy from Alberta on a motorcycle. Have met some really interesting people.

We got into Whitehorse about 6PM.

We drove down to Miles Canyon and took some pictures. Miles Canyon used to be a rapids before they built the Whitehorse dam. This was the last obstacle the Klondike stampeders faced after climbing the Chilkoot Pass (100 miles south) and sailing across Bennet Lake before getting into Whitehorse and catching a paddle wheeler for the Klondike.

278 miles today.

3791 miles so far.
- Jon


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